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MAKO CHAN Trading list and Fansub's incomplete ANIME LIST MAKO CHAN FANSUB'S IS A COPORATION OF MAKO CHAN PRODUCTIONS Each title FANSUB is only for trade email for details.Anything not Fansubbed is for sale or trade. ICQ# 7847545 or email me Something not here your looking for ask me i may have it just not here. Remember this is a incomplete list. I only put what i remember up here. AND iam LOOKING for trades email or ICQ me about what iam looking for. FS=Fansub M=Movie OVA=Original Video animation TV=Tv series EPS=episodes AUR=Available upon request Japanese with English Subtitles Rurouni Kenshin(FS) eps1-80 Rurouni Kenshin Movie As of Febuary 20th Rurouni Kenshin OVA 1 Kiru Otoko(unsubbed)
Fushigi Yuugi(FS)eps1-52 AUR
Fushigi Yuugi OVA 1-5
Dragon Ball Z (M)1,2,3,4,8,10,11,12,13(TV)23-35 and some other stuff
Dancing Blade OVA(unsubbed)
Nazca(unsubbed or Mako chan fansubbed)episode 1-4
Sakura Taisen(War)OVA 1-2(Mako chan fansub)
Cowboy Bebop(unsubbed)
Kirara(OVA) (AUR)
Nadesico the Movie(prince of darkness)(AUR)
Tenchi Muyo (OVA)1-13
Tenchi Universe(TV)1-4 more eps of this is AUR
Tenchi in Tokyo (AUR)
Street Fight V (TV series) (AUR)
Neon Genesis Evangelion(shin seiki Evangelion)(TV)1-24 (movie End fo Evangelion)
Ah Megami sama(Ah my goddess)(OVA)#1-5 Kosuke Fujishima best manga becomes a anime.
Aim for top gunbuster(OVA#1-6)The best OVA in 1989 created by SFX anime studio in Japan,Studio Gainax. Chracters design by Haruhiko Mikihiko and with OP/ED themes sung by Japanese teen idol Noriko Sakai.
Akira(M)Katushiro Otomo's manga based anime movie become one of the best anime of all time the sound track is also killer.
El-Hazard(OVA#1-5)Not to Fond of this one.
Galaxy express 999 take off(M)Leiji Matsumoto classic movie fans of Japanese anime shouldnt miss this one.
Sayonara Galaxy Express999(M)This is the final movie that ended Galaxy express 999 series.
Ghost in the shell(M)Masamune Shirow's manga blah directed by the great Mamoru Oshii.
Hotaru no Haka(Grave of the Firefiles)(M)A beautiful anime movie based on a novel by Akiyuki Nosaka.This movie will take your emotions in a way that few films Live or anime ever could.
Golden Boy(OVA #1-6)HAHAHA!!!!! Good one Tatsuya Egawa
GUNNM-Rusty Angel/tears sign(OVA)Yukito Kishiro's Popular manga turn OVA with character design by Nobuteru Yuki.
The Heroic Legend of Arslan(M#1-2/OVA#3-4)Based on a manga by Yoshiki Tanaka.
I.R.I.A(OVA#1-6)uh its ok you might like it.
Jubei Ninponcho(Ninja Scroll)(M)One of the best action anime movies.winner of the 1994 Jubari film festival.Original story and directed by one of Japan's best anime creators Yoshiaki Kawajiri.
Koko Wa Greenwood(here is Greenwood)(OVA #1-6)this anime is based on the SHOUJO(girl comics) manga by Yukie Nasu.quite humorus and the sound track is very well done.
Macross(TV)One of my favorite Anime series of all TIME
Macross Plus(OVA #1-4)Shoji Kawamori did another Macross series it was worth the wait.
Might Space Miners(OVA#1-2)Only 2 eps so far why????????????????
Miyuki chan in wonderland(OVA)Its cute. Very entertaining to watch
Kimaure Orange road I want to return to that day(M)The love triangle between Kyosuke Madoka and Hikaru is finally ended in this bitter sweet movie.
Otaku no video(OVA 1-2)Studio Gainax created this for all otaku of the world to enjoy.
Patlabor (M #1-2)Mamoru Oshii directing keeps this interesting.
Plastic little(OVA)uh havent really seen it yet was given to me.
Ranma Nibunnoichi(OVA/TV/M)Theres alot of it just ask about it if your interested Rumiko takahashi creator as if you didnt know.
The Spirit of Wonder China san no Yuutsu(OVA) based on the manga by Tsuruta Kenji
Taiho Shichauzo(Your under arrest)(OVA#1-4)Kosuke Fuishima's second Manga series to be animated you like Ah megami sama this is for you.
Gun Smith Cats(OVA #1-3) this is cool.
Original Japanese no subtitles Advanced VG(OVA) A popular PC game turned anime the story is about a bunch of waitress fighting street fighter style.
AIKA(OVA)This show has alot of pantie shots but isnt a henati film
Batkurustu Hunter(OVA)Not sure. havent watched it yet its just laying there.AUR
Five Star Stories(M)I personally dont like it but hey whos to say you wont.
Goukaizer-Voltage fighters(OVA)Fans of Obari Masami will love this one lots of fighting action and bustier girls than Mai of Garou Densetsu.
Kaitou Saint Tail(Msyterious Theif)This is a Shojo pretty funny at time Sakurai Tomo does the seiyuu of Saint tail.
Kiki's delivery service(M)There is nothing need to be said about this Hayao Miyazaki movie the sound track is lovely as usual Jo Hisaishi produce another award winner.
Laputa Castle in the sky(M)Consider by many that this movie is Mr Miyazaki best movie the sound track is gorgeous just as the movie.
Macross Love do you remember?(M)One of my own personal favorite movies.
Macross Flash Back 2012(OVA)A music OVA that made to thanks all the Macross fans.
Macross 7(TV)I find the story line to this a bit silly.
Magical Knight Rayearth(TV)This TV series is based on the Manga by Clamp, Very nicely drawn.
Mahoo Tsukai Tai!(OVA)If you like cute girls this is the anime for you The story is about cute witches who fight demons.
MegaZone 23(OVA#1)I never watched it yet.
Mobile Suit Z Gundam(TV)The best Gundam Tv series.
Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam(TV)Following up after Z gundam but with a much younger story line this is aimed more at the young veiwers.
Mobile Suit V Gundam(TV)The first Gundam series after five years after ZZ Gundam(1986) With good anime and cool Mecha.
Mobile suit Gundam Wing(TV)alot of Gundam fans say this is the best Gundam ever but I dont think so.
Mobile Suit Gundam X(TV)This is the latest Gundam series.
Mobile Suit Gundam Char's counterattack(M)The best Gundam movie so far with Mecha designs by Yutaka Izubuchi.
Mobile suit Gundam 0080 War in the pocket(OVA#1-6)the first Gundam OVA
Mobile suit Gundam 0083 Star dust memory(OVA#1-13)One of the best OVA in 1992-1993 my personal favorite Gundam.
Toteru no Totoro(My Neighbour Totoro)(M)this is charming.
Nausicaa Of the valley wind(M)Hayao Miyazaki first animated movie dont miss out fans of Hayao.
Only yesterday(M)????
Patlabor(OVA#1-16)Japans best selling OVA of all time.
Please save my earth(OVA#1-6)The most talked about OVA in 1994 based on a very popular Shoujo Manga by Saki Hiwatari.
Record of the Lodoss War(OVA#1-13)If you havent seen it you must.
Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon(TV)you know.
Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon R(TV/M)DUH!!
Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon S(M/TV)......
Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon Super S(M/TV) In case you didnt know this is all Sailor Moon
Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon Star(TV)......
Silent Mobius(M#1-2)Kia Asamiya's Popular Manga finally hit the big screen very cool.
Video Girl Ai(OVA#1-6)Never watched it yet its just laying there.
Vision of Esca Flowne(TV)A surpise series well done.Weird Mecha desing though.
Wings of Oneamisu(M)Studio Gainax released in 1987 this is cool.
Thats all I can remember right now if theres something I dont have on the list email me about it I SHOULD have it just not up here.