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My second favorite of this group Reina is quite good looking when she wants to be in her image gallery are some of my personal favorite so you can see what I mean. Reinas stats are as follows..
Real Name: Reina Miyauchi Birth Date: Jan 6, 1978 Birth Place: Okinawa Japan Weight: 43kg Height: 159cm (5'2.5) Measurements: 80cm, 58cm, 82.5cm Blood Type: AB Hobby: cleaning Charm point: laugh Dislikes (body part): too short Favorite Food: karubona-ra If I were and animal... : rakko Person I admire: Father Stress reliever: laughing Favorite saying: "if there's tough times in life, there are also going to be easy times.
Here is Reina's image gallery of sorts as i said earlier she can look very amazing when she wants to. Here she shows some of that.

More lovely Reina next time