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Here we have Mina shes very cute my third favorite I gained EVEN more respect for her cause of her recent hair style in MAXIMUM Groove CD she also wore it like that at the Kouhaku I LOVE THAT hair!!!! Minas stats are as follows.....
MINA Real Name: Minako Ameku Birth Date: Dec 29, 1977 Birth Place: Okinawa Japan Weight: 43kg Height: 154cm (5'1) Measurements: 82cm, 57cm, 85cm ( ) Blood Type: A Hobby: writing letters Likes (body part): eyes and eyebrows Dislikes (body part): front teeth Favorite Food: nattou (japanese) If I were and animal... : rabbit Person I admire: Mother Stress reliever: karaoke
I took my favorite five of Mina as well.

More Mina next time