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The last favorite of the group is Lina to me but thats just my opinion some of my "Friends"Ahem Carmex would think differently Lina is cute but just blah to me I dont know why I dont like her much but I just dont. Linas stats are as follows..
Real Name: Ritsuko Matsuda Birth Date: Jan 26, 1977 Birth Place: Okinawa Japan Weight: 46kg Height: 160cm (5'3) Measurements: 82, 60, 88.5 ( ) Blood Type: O Hobby: collects perfumes Dislike (body part): thighs Favorite Food: strawberry If I were and animal... : fox Person I admire: Mother Stress reliever: go somewhere Favorite word: "laugh"
Heres Lina I know short spoken but blah.

Thats it for now next update in a week or so.